"...Both my sons not only grew up at Children's Workshop–they flourished there."


The pre kindergarten experience gives children the foundation for future success in school. Through a series of thematic units that span the school year, new skills are learned and hands-on activities are provided to expose each child to pre-reading & writing skills, pre-science concepts & experiments, pre-math concepts, creative art, dramatic play, movement, and social studies. Our four year old program is designed to provide activities and materials to meet the wide range of needs of each child and to challenge each child at whatever level he or she is currently progressing. The daily schedule is organized to meet the children’s need for a balance of active and quiet play, large and small group interaction, academic and developmental learning, indoor and outdoor time, and of course, our enrichment activities.

Our pre kindergarten teachers are dedicated to supporting your child emotionally, socially and academically so he/she will have a successful start to their kindergarten experience.

Our curriculum reflecting the Colorado State Preschool Standards is a child developmentally based learning program that teaches the following skills in both large and small group settings.


Our younger children work on beginning math skills such as sorting, patterns, shape recognition, numbers, counting, and one-to-one correspondence. We even have activities to help teach measurement and time. Throughout the day,


Children use various types of blocks to learn balance and enhance their fine motor skills. Spacial relationships and shapes are explored and tested. Communication, strategies and compromising skills are refined and developed when playing with friends.


A variety of materials such as lacing beads and puzzles that teach children hand-eye coordination. Fine motor skills are refined. Patterning is investigated and mastered.

Students are exposed to quantities and comparisons of objects they manipulating.


This activity allows children to engage their imaginations and emulate adult behaviors that they observe. Children learn to demonstrate their knowledge about themselves and the world around them. Through dramatic play children show an understanding of the dynamics in relationships and how families live.


Each classroom has an area with books, stories on tape, and puppets so that children will be introduced to beginning reading skills. We also have a cozy library that the children visit for story time which helps develop an appreciation for books and reading. Through our classroom libraries and time with teachers exploring emergent reading skills. Children are encouraged to retell stories and spark their imaginations through the world of books.


From the first day a child enters our building, we begin to teach language skills that we will continually build upon as your child ages by using alphabet songs, show and tell, stories and by using the environment around them. Children learn the relationship between print and conveying meaning in written form. Throughout your youngster’s pre k experience, we will provide a variety of opportunities and activities designed to increase his vocabulary and improve his listening skills. His teachers will engage him in rich and interesting conversations all through the day and ask thoughtful questions that will stimulate his thinking. Ample opportunities for dramatic play experiences will help him further develop his speaking and listening skills which are the very foundations for learning to read and write.


Each classroom plays different types of music throughout the day so children hear classical, silly songs, and lullabies just to name a few. In addition songs are used daily to reinforce learning from our curriculum.


Your child will use hands on materials such as magnets, rocks, skeletons, insects, shells, and other items found in nature to learn self help skills and also beginning science theories. Your child will also have the opportunity to explore a variety of materials to enhance their senses such as sand, playdough, water, salt, and slime.


Your child will use many different mediums such as paper, glue, scissors, paint, collage materials, and crayons freely in order to have a chance for self expression.