"The administration and teachers at the Sunview Children's Workshop have become part of our extended family. It's comforting to know that our children are learning and being loved while we are working."


Weekly Payments

All tuition payments are due in advance each week.

Tuition not paid in advance will have a $5.00 service charge added each day tuition is past due.

Monthly Payments

If you opt to pay tuition by the month, monthly rates are calculated at 4.33 times weekly rate.

A 2% discount will be given if monthly payments are paid in advance by the first day of each month.

Additional Children Discount

When more than one child from the same family is enrolled, a reduction of 10% will be allowed for each additional child’s tuition.

If one tuition is less than another, the 10% will be deducted from the lower tuition rate.

Vacation Leave

A maximum of two free weeks of vacation are allowed during each twelve month period of enrollment, if the center has been notified at least two weeks in advance of vacation. If two weeks notice has not been given 50% of total tuition will be billed.

Free vacation days must be taken in one or two week increments. Occasional days must be paid for in full.

Additional vacation weeks will require a payment of 50% of your child’s tuition rate to reserve the space.

Spaces not reserved may be filled by a new enrollee.

A new registration fee will be required to restart your child if his/her space was not reserved.

Sick Days

No allowance is given for individual sick days. A child who is sick three or more consecutive days will receive a 40% reduction in tuition for those days only.

No make up days are permitted for absence due to illness.

Schedule Changes

Schedule changes are accommodated when possible. A two week notice must be given in writing, when the schedule change is a decrease in hours or days per week. Your current tuition rate will be charged for a two week period following written notification.

Holidays and Other Center Closures

The center will be closed on Christmas Day, New Years Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day and Thanksgiving Day. If any of these holidays fall on a Saturday or Sunday, the center will be closed either the Friday preceding the holiday or the Monday following the holiday.

There will be no reduction in tuition rates or make up days permitted, when holidays fall on a day that your child is scheduled to be at the center.

Center Hours and Days of Operation

Center hours are from 6:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Late charges will be assessed for each child who is not picked up by 6:00pm.

Late Pick Up Charges

Late fees are $5.00 per each 10 minutes past closing time.

Late fees are paid directly to the attending staff member who had to remain after hours.

Field Trips

Parents will be notified, in advance, of all field trips and their costs. Parent’s are responsible for the payment of all field trip admission fees.

Withdrawal From Center

A written notice must be given two weeks in advance of the date your child will be withdrawn from the Children’s Workshop. If notice is not received, an additional two weeks of tuition will be due at the time of withdrawal. Upon leaving the Children’s Workshop Early Learning Center, accounts must be paid in full.

Delinquent Payments

Tuition accounts more than 45 days delinquent, will be turned over to a collection agency.

Returned Checks

A $25.00 fee will be added for each returned check.

Notification to Children’s Protective Services

The director shall report to the Children’s Protective Services or the police department, as required by the State Penal Code, any suspicion of abuse, sexual or otherwise, neglect or endangerment of which they may become aware. If you suspect child abuse you may call the Larimer County Department of Human Services at (970) 498-6300.

Full Day Tuition Rates

Are based on 5 to 10 hours of care per day. An additional charge will be billed for children remaining in the center more than 10 hours per day.


The Director and Assistant Director make every effort to be available to you throughout the day. Please keep them advised of any problems or concerns you may have. If you feel that you have a grievance or complaint that has not been addressed, after conferencing with the Director, you may contact:

The Division of Childcare
Colorado Dept. of Human Services
1573 Sherman Street
Denver, CO 80203-1714
(303) 866-5958

Center Tuition Rates